Other Testimonials

"I am a 47 year old woman. I have had problems with the asthma for the past 10-12 years. I recently had a bout of asthma and was on [medication] with no success... I waited a month before I started the Reishi [capsules]. I took only one a day for the first week and I noticed a huge difference. My friend told me that it was ok to take two per day and by 10 days, my asthma was gone. I am still on one a day and I feel fabulous. Lots of energy and absolutely no more coughing, coughing, coughing, yeah! Thanks Mikei Reishi."
Charlene Santaga, BAMBU the Salon

"I won a 60 day supply of the Red Reishi product on CFAX Radio. At that time my good lady was just being assessed for chemo therapy. We have since begun the treatments. She is on a 21 day regime consisting of 4 cycles. She started taking the Red Reishi a week before here first session. On day 12 of the cycle she developed a fever of 38.8 degrees which required a visit the emergency room at our local hospital. Blood cultures showed her count was very low, too low in fact. On day 20 she had more blood work done in preparation for the next cycle of chemo and her blood was right back to normal. I would like to think this was the result of her taking the Red Reishi product. I have also been taking the product and find that I have much more energy. In fact, I actually feel like doing something in the evening rather than falling asleep in my big chair. We have purchased our second package of product and will continue to take it."
D. Lang

"I am 64 years old and I am a retired cabinetmaker. I suffered 2 strokes several years ago and my speech became seriously impaired as a result... I started taking Mikei Reishi and the results were unexpectedly fast. Within only about 2 weeks my speech ability improved. My communication is much better since then I continue taking the supplement."
K. Hronek

"We spoke 2 weeks ago about using Red Reishi (started 7 days prior) before my last Chemo (March 12, 2007) and the fact that I seemed to have additional energy and less side affects. I can advise that, unless I am ‘dreaming’, I definitely have increased energy (walking 3 km most days and doing many chores around home which I have not done since last summer) and according to others who have seen me with my prior chemo’s I have better colour and an upbeat attitude. I had a blood test a week ago and all my counts are in the healthy normal range."
J. Ostaf

"My wife has found it helped a lot [with Fibromyalgia], she also feels more energetic. We are very pleased with the product and will continue taking it."
J. MacDonald

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