Celebrity Testimonials

"Detoxification is like getting the poisons out of your body, and when you take Red Reishi mushrooms, they assist in getting the liver cleansed out. Reishi helps remove chemicals and other by products that are stored in the fat. It is essential for athletes as it assists the body to faster itself of the lactic acid that is created after exercise. All of these by products that are in the system are basically taking away from energy, so if you remove them you optimize the body’s ability to perform more consistently."
Peter Shmock, Olympic US track and field athlete and fitness center founder (ZÜM)

"Not all mushroom supplements are created equally; there is one that stands head and shoulders above the crowd, and that is MIKEI. It is produced according to the highest standards there are. It's the one I take and recommend in my practice."
Dr. Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP, medical anthropologist & Global Medicine Hunter®


"Working in entertainment necessitates many late nights, and after a while your immune system can become compromised through lack of proper rest. Mikei gives me the boost in immunity, and energy that I need to live my life, when my healthy diet can’t meet the demands of my lifestyle."
Red Robinson, Canadian music icon


"At first I thought... 'Well what can a mushroom do?' But I was amazed at the extra energy they give you... this is my new secret weapon!"
Kid Carson, Host of The Beat 94.5 morning show


"Red Reishi is very helpful in alleviating stress symptoms in daily life and has beneficial anti-oxidant and immune-building qualities. I have found Japanese grown products, such as Mikei to be the very best quality--that's why I carry them at Semperviva."
Gloria Latham, Owner of Semperviva Yoga Studios, Yoga and Lifestyle Store


"Since I started taking Mikei, I'm more focused and bounce back faster from jetlag. Although I still have the same amount of stress in my life, I feel that my response to it is much stronger, and my immunity doesn't suffer like it used to, from getting run down."
Marcello Leone, Owner of Leone - couture fashion store


"What I have noticed after taking Mikei, is the benefit of energy, focus and endurance-without the worry of an energy crash or sleepless nights that come with energy drinks or tabs. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to excel in sports or just wants to feel energized and at the top of their game."
John Craighead, former NHL Player


"My wife and I both began taking Mikei about two months ago and we both have noticed how great we feel, and we usually feel pretty good, so this is quite indicative of the effectiveness of the product. It is not a crazy, jittery energy, but has more of a gentle re-energizing effect."
Terry Moore, Host of Wine Talk & Talk to the Experts radio show


"Mikei really keeps my energy up those long days on set, I feel less stressed out and my concentration has noticeably improved."
Krista Bell, Professional Stunt Woman


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