Mushroom Dynamics

Did you know? Only the fruiting body of fully mature red reishi contains all of the phytonutrients such as ganoderic acids, beta-glucans, and amino acids that make it effective.

Did you know? Red reishi is naturally covered by a hard indigestible substance called chitin, so absorption of the essential nutrients is only possible when taken in an extract form.

Studies have shown that mycelium and spore-based reishi products do not contain all of the chemical constituents that are found in red reishi. In fact, the most unique and identifiable ingredient, ganoderic acid, can only be found in the fruiting body of mature red reishi. In the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, mycelium and spores were discarded for extraction.

Like many products on the market, unextracted reishi powder has few results compared to authentic red reishi extract. Unprocessed, ground-up mushroom particles in the reishi are different from its medically active ingredients; the particles do not contribute any benefits and can actually cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Properly extracted red reishi contains the highest levels of medicinal substances in the most bio-available form. With Mikei Red Reishi, the high quality extraction technique is just as important as the stringent growing conditions.

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